Creative Space

The peculiarity of Atelier C is the combination of the best craftsmanship tradition blended with contemporary fashion and design.

To ensure that each customer feels in tune with themselves and can reflect that with pleasure in their environment: We aim to put the person at the centre, creating a dress or bag specifically for her, making sure that a vase beautifies the living space, showing a balance between his and our history, between his and our aesthetic sensibility.

Atelier C is a multifunctional space, a laboratory, an exhibition showcase, a boutique. Here you can experience the creative process in its entirety, from the first design of a single, or  limited series product, through the choice of materials, fittings and adding exclusive details.

The Atelier C’s creations are an aesthetic and sensory experience

Artfully crafted Atelier C’s clothes, bags and furnishing accessories express the emotions, the sensitivity and the desires of the person for whom they are designed, because it is with her that Alice and Marco work closely, thereby putting the artisans, their trusted collaborators, in the best condition to give concrete form to those desires, that emotion and sensitivity.