Furnishing items

Indoor projects

The style of my projects is reflected through the use of natural materials that express the value of the passage of time in the surfaces and colours.

Precious or reclaimed woods blend with brass, metals, glass and marble to give life to  inlays and unique pieces of furniture.

Each creation is always rich in detail, designed and studied with extreme care, in which  you can sense the expert hand of the finest master craftsmen.

Alongside the creation and design of interiors, I combine my passion for ceramics and crystal, with which I create and have made, small sculptures or precious vases.

Even a simple vase can become an exclusive object, the expression of tailored elegance capable of reaffirming its decorative and functional identity, fitting into different living contexts.

Delicate and elegant, transparent or opaque, Atelier C vases experiment with warm colour shades that make the atmosphere around more seductive.

“From craftsmanship, I have learned the importance and the beauty of detail, which has become a characteristic as well as a distinctive feature of my work.”