Tailor-made luxury and elegance.

Each fashion accessory represents the encounter between imagination and experience: seemingly far from the realistic dimension, the personal history is actually a source of creative inspiration.
This is how the clean lines of Alice, educated in medieval Siena, and Marco’s Baroque, of Neapolitan extraction, find a balance in Atelier C. Two apparently distant worlds, which fused together reaffirm the value of the uniqueness of an object and its personality.
Alice and Marco design together every bag whose essential volumes are perfectly combined with high quality finishes.

The metalwork is made of ‘lost wax’ cast bronze (“bronzo fuso a cera persa”), a technique borrowed from the goldsmith’s tradition, by master craftsmen, who are also entrusted with the cutting of semi-precious stones and sophisticated enamels to create handles, studs and zippers as precious as the jewels.
These designs and techniques become mini sculptures; individual pieces with geometric shapes that pay homage to the art of sculpting from the Renaissance and revisit shapes and colors in a contemporary key. Luxury and elegance are also expressed in the choice of exclusive leathers, in the great attention to detail, in the interior finishing, in artisanal and artistic workmanship, in limited or customized editions.