The Creatives

Marco & Alice differ in upbringing and education but were brought together by the same passion for their art and a common professional vision

decorator and interior designer


The curiosity, pleasure and emotions that I feel when observing the dexterity of those who work and create object with their own hands, the emotion that I feel looking at an artwork, feeling the immersion in the beauty of it, is what drives me to draw. It sometimes happens that I wake up in the night, with a need to draw something, and even in those moments I sketch a piece of jewelry, a vase, a piece of furniture; something that literally awakened my curiosity. Formidable and irreplaceable craftsmen and suppliers have enabled me to create furnishings, my projects and all that make my clients happy. It is thanks to those precious people who know their craft so well and to art, that I keep feeling creative and bringing a little beauty into the lives of others.

fashion designer


My creativity as a stylist revolves around the person that I create a dress for. Making a tailored dress implies an exchange of thoughts and ideas with the client, and to understand the context in which that dress will be worn because it must reflect the personality of the wearer, to make it a truly unique piece. Designing a dress is for me, like capturing a moment, a colour, a piece of music, a memory that will turn into a creative detail. I personally choose all the materials and follow the process through to the finished item, that needs to be exactly as I’ve thought it. The technical and sartorial creation makes my work even more satisfying and fulfilling.